Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pumpkin Soup

At the end of term two we made pumpkin soup with a pumpkin from the school vegetable garden. We were in teams to make the soup. On the first day, Team Stock made chicken stock with a chicken carcass and vegetables. The next day, Team Roast chopped and roasted the pumpkin. The following day Team Mix chopped the pumpkin and mixed it with the stock. Then it was time to eat! Some of us tried just a little, and some of us loved it and has many, many mugs of soup. I wonder what we should do with the remaining small pumpkin?

Cross Country

There were a few hot faces after we held our postponed Cross Country event.

Gym Sport

This Year we had a great lot of gymnasts who entered the Argos Gym Competition. One of the teams won third place and were very proud of their medals. MG hopes the girls continue with their gymnastics. We have had fun gym at lunchtimes on Thursdays in term 3. The senior girls have been teaching us heaps of cool things like flick flacks. Miss Green can't do those!


Room 1 loves going to Mr E. for Music on Wednesdays. We don't go every week, however we really enjoy it when we're there. Mr E. said Room 1 listens attentively. The best bit is playing all the instruments. This day we were playing the Ukuleles.

At the beginning of the year, Mr E. told the classes a story from his childhood about a special box. When we were playing the ukuleles, he played his guitar. It is covered with the stamps that were in the special box.


After a break from our class blog, there is plenty to update.
Way back on the last day of term one, we picked our last watermelon. We didn't know if it would be ripe to eat. The earlier fruiting watermelons were stolen and Room 1 didn't hold out much hope for the last one. Wow! What a surprise to find some pink flesh and favour!